The Playground

Where mastering the art of being more you gets to be fun

Have you been taking life too seriously?
Is it all work, no play?
Are you giving to everyone else, always putting yourself last?

News Flash!

This is no dress rehearsal!

You have ONE life...

It's time to get out of a funk and play all out...

The Playground is for anyone
who has decided ‘enough is enough’...

no more eat, work, sleep repeat
no more self-destruct,
no more being your own worst enemy,
no more putting yourself last

...and who are ready to powerfully lead themselves in living their best life.

Together, our dedication is playing the inner game
- to get out of your own way and live life free to be fully you.


"It's like having a best friend in your back pocket"...
The Playground is a simple, intimate, chilled out, safe space where you get to reflect and explore more about yourself and what it means to live life fully. We share, learn from and encourage one another as we grow and evolve together.

Housed in a private group chat in a free app called Voxer, once downloaded you will be welcomed to the group and can communicate using text or voice note.

Monthly subscription where you can cancel anytime after a minimum 3 month commitment.


The best bit...
Ask me or the other members anything at anytime in the group chat, get on the spot coaching or mentoring from Emma, come in to get something off your chest or out of your head and most importantly celebrate your wins

Plus, you get bonus access to #INITI8...
for the duration of your active subscription, on signing up.

Here you will find my 8 signature tools in this short digital course - jump in where you want and go at your own pace.


You’re looking for a community who 'get it'...
and are dedicated to their own personal growth and building self-awareness & mastery.

You see the value in having a space where you can come and be heard and met where you are and receive support and be uplifted when needed - no judgement, only love.

 You want to feel inspired, motivated and empowered as you start to find more inner peace and self-acceptance in a world that often feels heavy.

You don't want to do it on your own anymore.

"I am so grateful for The Playground and the ladies in it. I put off joining initially because life is busy and I didn’t want to add yet another ‘to do’ item to the list. But there is no pressure to show up or keep up other than in your own timing and then you bring whatever is current for you - it's so valuable.

Emma truly cares about what she does, about helping people and no question is ever a stupid question to ask.

They say you regret the things you don’t do - and I regret not taking the chance to join sooner!"

Caroline Kelly
Partner and Solicitor

The Playground


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  • Monthly subscription. Cancel anytime after 3 months.

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"The Playground is where I can go to get advice, something off my chest or simply talk about what's on my mind, safe in knowing I am not being judged.

There are no pressures or expectations, I can just be myself and know others will ‘get it’ - it’s like having a best friend in my pocket, and a diary, but better.

Belonging to Emma’s groups, including the Initiation before this, has really helped me improve my mental health. I am so grateful for this space and so glad our paths crossed because I’m in it for the long haul!”

Foster mum

Bonus access to #Initi8
My 8 signature tools for playing the inner game

We can't wait to welcome you!

The Playground


per month

  • Monthly subscription. Cancel anytime after 3 months.

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