I help a woman’s inner world become a better place to live
by activating a deeper awareness
of who she really is at her core.

That way, she can show up to her career and life
in her power,
as the truest version of herself.

Hey, I'm Emma

For two decades I pushed and strived to reach a pre-defined level of income and career status in my corporate job, which I felt would deem me successful by anyone looking in.

But by the time “I made it”, something was missing.

What I realise now—having been out of that world for a few years —is I got there by fitting in, putting on a brave face, hiding my insecurities and at times acting like a man to get by. It was no wonder I felt like a well paid imposter, I had no idea who I was behind the character I had learnt to play so well.

In 2017, at the pinnacle of my career I was faced with what I had always imagined would be my worst nightmare… redundancy. Only by that time, I had revealed enough of my conditioned beliefs to see that this was actually a wonderful opportunity to explore the truth of who I really was and be more me.

Turns out, that was never my definition of success but my parents, influenced by a society that values achievement in the form of how high up the career ladder you make it, and how much money is in the pension pot.

Now, I’m all about keeping it real. Success to me is being true to my whole self and showing up authentically in all areas of life, no matter what.

When I first listen to your story of what’s shaped who you be today, I see not only the root causes of your challenges, but a beautiful new path unfolding ahead for which I can connect the dots of how to get there. When we work together, I create a safe space for trust, openness, exploration and play along the way to reclaiming the parts of you that you left behind.

Are you ready to go on a magical journey to become all of you?