You have it all! Or so it seems...    
The good old “job for life” in the city, earning a decent salary. The latest new car on the drive of your detached home, you carry a designer handbag and go on adventurous long-haul holidays every year.

You travel the world business class, staying in 5 star hotels and dining at the best restaurants - all perks of the job. The bonuses are insane, and the pension is pretty good deal too.
Your colleagues, friends and family admire you for your confidence and so-called "success". Some may even envy you.

But it's a facade, because behind the mask you don't feel like a success. In reality, some days you feel like a fraud, and some days you can't be bothered and find yourself scouring the latest job ads for the next opportunity to jump out at you, only nothing does.

You’ve been pushing and striving for years to reach the pinnacle of your career, and now you've arrived you should be happy, satisfied and fulfilled, but you feel exhausted and like something's missing...
It's time to make the next move in your career, but where to next?

You're not sure, but you know you want to feel really damn good about it this time;
To be in your power, on purpose & with a peace of mind
The Game Plan is a powerful place to start because it offers a glimpse into what's possible when you move away from what's expected of you, and what you thought you always wanted, to tap into your deeper desires for your life and explore what happiness & fulfilment looks and feels like to YOU.

In this session you will get clear on what you honestly desire from your next career move. Not what sounds smart or looks good on paper, what will actually light you up so that you love your life.

"You gave me the confidence to fully embrace the next chapter and I cannot thank you enough"

Tracy - Retired, former HR Business Partner

"As my 55th birthday approached, I was considering my next chapter and wanted help to sort my head out and give me the kick I needed to pursue early retirement. A colleague said how good her session with Emma was so I booked in - never before in 30 years had I taken time out to focus on ME! I really enjoyed our conversation - she challenged me to consider the pro's and con's of staying vs leaving which resulted in a no-brainer decision to leave! Then I got all up in my head about the how and when? The follow up support was great to work through the fears and cement the decision in my mind. I am now enjoying life after corporate, I've re-trained to be a celebrant, got the dog I always wanted and we're looking to move to Norfolk. If you're thinking about booking a session with Emma, do it!"


Strategy Call 

During this 90 minute Zoom call, you will have the opportunity to share your current situation, any known options and start to envision a future that lights you up. You will then get clear guidance on arriving at the best next move for you - this is your personalised Game Plan that you will walk away with.
You will get the link to book your slot on receipt of payment. The replay of our call and any relevant notes will be made available to you within 24 hours (usually sooner).

Follow up support

For the week following your call, you will have continued support via text and voice messaging in What's app (Mon-Fri) as you reflect on your Game Plan and lead up to taking the next bold steps forward. This will give you support and accountability to make decisions, move through the fear and resistance that might come up to persuade you otherwise, and move forward with confidence. 

I was torn when approached about an amazing job opportunity because I loved my current job! Emma helped me identify the questions I had and gave me incredibly valuable advice on how to approach the interview. I walked in feeling prepared and in my power during the whole process. Whilst making my decision, Emma identified an imbalance in the way I was looking at each opportunity, and once I shifted in my mind, my heart knew the way forward - I stayed put, but from a very empowered place. I cannot thank you enough for your support Emma - you truly are a gem!


Brand Developer

I feel like I have my vision & clarity back.... 
A huge thank you Emma, for bringing structure to my career path & life. I thoroughly enjoyed our session and felt inspired all the way through. Having access to your support and the physical content you created for me has helped me take the next steps as well as recognise the cycle I find myself in over and over again - not anymore! You've helped me focus without getting side tracked and I still refer back to my Game Plan today, months later!

Head Trainer

During this single 1:1 strategy session we will create your next career move and get you primed to take action!

Game Plan


  • 90min strategy session + 5 days follow up support
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Hey! I'm Emma Clayton

Career Transition Coach & Mentor, Podcaster & Creator of Modern LeadHer®

My expertise is bringing high-achieving women like you out of hiding behind a corporate mask of fake happiness, to confidently claim the dream career and life YOU desire, whilst creating freedom and success on YOUR terms. 

During my 20 years in corporate I always took on the impossible tasks, delivering against all odds - and against myself. In my last role as director of strategy & operations, earning a six-figure salary, I felt like a total fraud at risk of losing it all. When I manifested an attractive redundancy package in 2017, I jumped at the chance to reinvent myself whilst doing more meaningful work.

I've never looked back, and since then I've been recovering, healing and growing in ALL the ways... reconnecting with who I truly am at my core, learning to love the skin I'm in, find my authentic voice and the confidence to be seen & heard for what I now have to share.

Once I started teaching my clients the tools, strategies and methods that have completely changed my own life, I began seeing them break through with dream job promotions or complete changes in career direction and feeling more seen, heard, and fulfilled than ever before.

I love nothing more than helping you find peace amidst the chaos that's often found in your mind when it comes to making decisions about the future you want to create. Through my signature C.H.A.N.G.E. process, I help my clients embody the identity of the Modern LeadHer® they came here to be. I offer a unique and powerful blend of support from my extensive training and certifications in: Leadership, Stress Management, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Neuroscience, Human Design & Gene Keys, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching, Mind-Body Eating Psychology, Jikiden Reiki and Beliefetics®.

When I'm not busy podcasting or hanging out with my awesome clients on the internet, I can be found renovating our home with my partner Adam, renting out our quirky backyard AirBnB -or exploring the Kentish countryside and beaches in our VW camper having long walks with my golden cocker spaniel, Buddy.

 "When I needed help to think something through work-wise, I knew Emma was the one to go to having worked with her before when she was in corporate. I had been approached by my manager to apply for his job which would have meant the promotion I thought I had always wanted... but something didn't feel right. Through our session, Emma helped me tap into what was really important to me for the stage of life I was in now. I was surprised by what came up but I instantly felt more inner peace which made it easier to make the right decision for me."

Talent Management Lead

Game Plan


  • 90min strategy session + 5 days follow up support
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