Beneath the Surface

Go deeper to make the unconscious conscious and free your mind

Course Summary

In this short course, we’re going deeper, beneath the surface, to reveal the subconscious limiting thoughts, stories & beliefs that are holding you back from moving forward and reaching your potential.  
If you’ve ever felt blocked, like you’re hitting up against a brick wall, or keep sabotaging your own progress, there’s a high chance you haven’t gone deep enough to uncover the root of it.  
No amount of surface level fluff or constantly covering up the cracks is going to cut it.
Let’s lift the lid on the junk in your trunk because when we can see what we’re working with, we get to decide what we hold onto and what gets to go.  
When you free your mind, you can achieve anything.

This course was delivered live in March 2021 in The Initiation Members Club and is the perfect compliment to Under the Hood, but can also be taken on its own.

Beneath the Surface


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