Embody Confidence

Bringing You Back to You

To embody confidence is to know that you're worthy of taking up space in this world - just the way you are - today.

Imagine what you would do with all the time, space and energy that would open up to you if you didn't spend so much time wishing your body was somehow different?

In this 4 module course we explore:
 • why you feel guilt and shame around your body and how to make friends with her
 • what's really important to you when you say you want to change your body

 • a different approach to nutrition and dieting that doesn't involve beasting yourself in the gym or restricting yourself of foods you love

   how to manage the negative mind chatter and feel good from the inside out

Plus I share my toolkit that has helped me transform my relationship with my body ❤️ plus more!

Are you ready to think and feel better about this one body you've been given in this lifetime? 

Embody Confidence* is available as a one-time purchase below.

Accessed via the members site, you get instant access to all 4 modules which is delivered in a mix of audio, video, and downloadable PDFs to keep it varied for you. You'll be able to track your progress and revisit your favourite modules over and over again.

*Also available when you purchase the The Initiation Vault

 "I’ve begun talking compassionately to myself, high 5ing myself in the mirror, talking to myself like I would my best friend and not beating myself up when I usually would. I am going to continue with the tools which have been so useful, especially the mirror visualisation that was super powerful.

Initiation Member

Embody Confidence


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