You are not 
your thoughts, your doubts, your fears or your past...

...You are a bright mind, beating heart, breathing lungs, and beautiful soul.


Tell me if you can relate...

Sometimes, life happens. 
You get a promotion, leave the job you’ve known forever, see the end of a relationship you invested so much in come to a close and it feels...big.
You’re never going to be the same person you are in this moment again.
As you look at how you got here and take stock of yourself you recognise the opportunity in front of you. 

You are at a moment where you get to decide
who you want to become. 

Who do you want to be?

Do you want to continue being this person who keeps pushing to prove you are worthy of being heard but always feels small or do you want to be the person who actually speaks up at the table and is seen, heard, and respected?

Do you want to be the person who feels like your life is your job and it’s sucking your soul or do you want to be the person who loves to live?

Do you want to be the person who constantly feels guilty of eating and uncomfortable in your own skin or do you want to truly believe you don’t need to change a thing about your body or your circumstances to experience inner peace and self acceptance?

It's your choice

You get to choose who you want to become and this moment, this big, transitional moment gets to be your line in the sand. Do you want to continue feeling the way you do, or are you ready to shift your inner world in a big way and come back to who you are underneath the societal conditioning and ups and downs of life?

Ready to step into a new version of yourself?

For real this time…

I’m here to support you as you reclaim you. Reclaim who you were before life happened and changed you. Reclaim your bright mind, beating heart, breathing lungs, and beautiful soul.

Heck yes!

Let’s talk about CHANGE

I work closely with clients who are navigating big transitions in their life to make a lasting impact with my CHANGE framework. Each journey is different—unique—and also tends to follow the same path, just on it’s own timeline.

When you finally wake up to the depths of who you are, everyone around you will notice that something has changed, yet they may not be able to put a finger on it - because you look the same.

"I never knew how powerful working with Emma was going to be, it's the best thing I've done for my life and career. As I stepped into a promotion she helped me overcome imposter syndrome and view the mountain I saw in front of me very differently - I now enjoy the view on the way and have much better balance."

Kresh Wright
Head Life & Health New Zealand and Divisional Client Executive - Swiss Re

Want to Reclaim You with me?

One-to-one packages include regular video calls with Voxer support in between as you navigate deep shifts in who you be with greater intention and ease.

We decide together the frequency and length of time to best support your individual needs. 

Prices start at £550 per month
*all 1:1 clients receive access to the Initiation Vault for the duration of our work together.

Ready to have a conversation about Reclaim You?


Reclaim You is for the woman in the midst of a big life change and wants to use it as an opportunity to really be intentional about who she is becoming.  

This is for the woman who...
 • has made some bold moves in their career, and is at a point where they desire less push and force, and more ease and balance in all areas of life, or
 • is going through a transition in life, such as moving countries or companies, taking on their first people leadership role or a promotion, thinking about retiring early or taking redundancy,
 • sometimes touches on feelings of self-doubt or imposter syndrome
 • tends to be an over thinker
 • is curious about understanding who they really are
 • is done searching for the magic pill and quick fixes  
 • and are ready to start going deeper and playing the inner game of becoming all they came here to be.  

The magic of Reclaim You is that you bring the focus. I take a holistic approach so anything goes, bring your relationship with your past, your partner, parents, colleagues, food, body, spirituality - it all matters.

Every Reclaim You client starts off with a discovery call where we can get a sense for each other. Based on our conversation I get a sense for what I’d recommend and then we work together to fit it to your needs and preferences so we both feel a hell yes for working together.

Together we’ll determine If this is right for you and where else we can start if you’re not quite ready to jump into a longer-term commitment. Frequency of calls (typically weekly or bi-weekly, or maybe a mix of the two). Length of the package (I find 4-8 months to be a good range).

This is not Executive coaching. I am not not focused on the version of you that shows up at work only.

I want to extract everything that makes you YOU so you can bring your whole, real self to all areas of life. 

Let’s uncover the truth of who you are so you can show up fully, shine and thrive in all areas of life - unapologetically.

Ready to get started? Shoot me an email and we’ll find a time to talk.